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It used to be that we only saw aprons when our mothers were cooking or baking at home. But everything has changed overtime because aprons are now part of uniforms of some people working in the service industry. Apron may serve one purpose of protecting the apparel or clothes from wear and tear while doing a task but there are different kinds of apron. The simplicity and complexity of the design of any apron depends on the work for which it is intended. Some aprons are used by bakers, butchers, carpenters, and staff in the restaurant and hotel industry, medical and healthcare industry, and industrial aprons in companies where there are laboratories. In fact nowadays even teachers, especially for toddlers, make use of aprons. Details on the apron vary according to the needs of the person using it like carpenter’s apron might have a lot of pockets to carry around tools of trade.

The different kinds of aprons are bib, waist and cobbler apron. Bib aprons are those often seen at home. It covers the whole upper part of the body, held in place either by a strap over the neck or shoulder straps criss-crossing in the back with a strip of cloth tied like a ribbon to hold it in place. While the strap over the neck is easier to wear the shoulder straps are more comfortable. There are also children’s aprons which they use when they are learning their ways in the kitchen. The waist aprons cover the waist down and are often seen on restaurants and bars so they are also called waitress aprons and waiter aprons. These bistro aprons and bar aprons protects chef jackets and restaurants uniforms from possible fluid, dirt and food stains and provides comfort and style all day in the kitchen or in the restaurant. Cobbler aprons are like bib aprons that cover the front and back of the clothes but unlike bib aprons they don’t have ties at the back but rather they are tied on the sides.

Nowadays, we can also see a lot of personalized aprons with funny quotes, name of the owner, pictures even. Custom aprons are those which you can design with particular number of pockets and length based on the needs of the wearer. Professional aprons can be embroidered aprons with embroidery or screen printing of the company’s name whether hotel or restaurant. And because designs and styles have evolved you can now see printed aprons, patriotic aprons, and of course black, white aprons, brown aprons and more awesome colors like pink aprons, green aprons and many more. All our aprons, no matter what type you need, are made from highest quality cotton and poly blend. Each kitchen staff apron is designed to be comfortable but still durable while keeping you looking smart and attractive whether in the kitchen or amidst customers. Our low-cost embroidery and screen printing is available for any personalization. So, take a look at the different aprons we have available for you and enjoy coming up with something new and scrumptious in your kitchen.